no-guaranteesA few weeks ago I came across an article written by Rabbi Marc S. Jagolinzer titled “Very Little Guaranteed in Life”.  (

I found the article thought-provoking and compelling. Enough so, that I share it with you today with the hope that it inspires you to contemplate your own journey down the road of life.

The rabbi begins with the old Yiddish expression, “People plan and God laughs”.  He speaks about two characteristics when dealing with life – one’s positive attitude and one’s courage to deal with whatever life deals. He encourages us to treat adversity as a gift and accept it with joy and gratitude.

No one is immune from highs and lows; no one alive is free from suffering and disappointment. The rabbi tells us that it is human nature to want to be exempt from these conditions or hope they will not happen to us for a long time. “We may intellectually accept these conditions, but emotionally accepting them is another matter.”

From Dr. Robert Gerzon’s book The Least Favorite Laws of Life, Rabbi Jacolinzer selected the following conditions that give us good insight into life and living:

  • Life is suffering.
  • God loves us, but that does not entitle us to special treatment because God loves everyone just as much.
  • Life does not come with any guarantees.
  • Bad things happen to good people.
  • Every advantage is accompanied by a disadvantage.
  • Life is not always fair.
  • We are really going to die.
  • Because life involves anxiety, pain and suffering, we desperately need each other’s love and acceptance.

The rabbi encourages us to move forward from sorrow to aspiration, from pain to dreams and to celebrate the power of hope and faith… enormous gifts we can give ourselves and others.

Shared with peace and love.