Accessories and Paint Color to Consider

According to the most current U.S. Census, more than 13 million Americans work from home, making a home office important for many buyers. In fact, many people would prefer home office space than a formal dining room.

So, if you are considering listing your home, pay special attention to your home office and consider staging the space to appeal to potential buyers.

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Standing Desks

One unique way to maximize the space in your home office and show prospective buyers that the room makes for an enjoyable work environment is to consider incorporating a standing desk. There is a huge movement for people to continue to improve their health, and sitting all day behind a computer can lead to several health-related issues over time.

A great standing desk option to consider is the floating desk, which is installed into the wall, making it a huge space saver. A standing desk is approximately 40 inches in height, but you can adjust it accordingly so that the surface of the desk comes to the top of your elbows when standing with your arms at your side. If your home office space is already small, taking advantage of a floating desk that is installed to the wall will really help to create the illusion of a much larger space.

Another way to keep the clutter off of the floor and make your home office space feel larger is to make use of shelf risers and stackable shelves. These items are easily installed to the wall and are perfect for accompanying a standing desk as everything will be within an easy reach.

Natural Lighting

Don’t overlook the unique benefit of natural light coming from a window, skylight or another portal. Sunlight can produce warm lighting that improves the work environment. On the other hand, you may need to account for direct sunlight that creates overwhelming glare during certain times of the day.

In general, it’s best to have natural light in front of or next to work surfaces and computer screens to avoid glare and maximize your outside views. You can also position your workstation facing north or south so that the sunlight doesn’t throw a shadow at any point in the day.

To accommodate varying levels of brightness during the day, solar shades to soften and reduce the heat without compromising the light and view. You can also try a simple blind or even a standing screen which will do a nice job of diffusing sunlight shining through a window.

Best Colors

Most people who work from home spend more time in their home office than any other room in the house. Oddly enough, when it comes to decorating, it is the office that is often the last room to receive any attention.

One of the simplest and most effective changes you can make to your home office is a fresh coat of paint. Research shows that the color you select can play a role in your mood, productivity and job performance; and, that it is the intensity of a color that affects how you respond, not the color itself.

There are four primary colors which affect a different part of us: Red – the body, Blue – the mind, Yellow – the ego and self-confidence, and Green: the emotions and balance. When you combine more than one color, you get the effects of both of them.

How do you choose the best color for your office? First narrow down which main color or combination of colors that will work the best for you. Do you want to affect your body, mind, emotions or balance? Once you make that decision, pick a hue of that color.

Although color is both scientific and personal, most of us will know the colors that make us feel most productive. In other words, go with your instincts.

Bottom Line: As people do more work away from the office and kids do more work outside of the library, the home office is growing in importance. It’s becoming as essential as the family room.

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